Product innovation in the cloud.

We provide consultancy in software development, Devops, production tuning and scaling. 

Current Core Languages

Scala, JavaScript

Recent Frameworks

Unfiltered, Scalate, Dispatch, SBT, Akka, Node js, Angular.js, Foundation, Bootstrap


MongoDB, ElasticSearch, ELK


Amazon EC2 & a lot of the other services (we love Amazon!), Google App Engine.


Recently we have been working a lot with Proquest intrapreneurial initiatives, the latest being the Flow app. These projects have been run as a lean startup with a virtual team based between California, New York and Amsterdam. Since the inception of the project we have worked on all aspects of the app from server image building, continuous deployment,  Scala back end, AngularJS front end, MongoDB scaling, Elasticsearch & ELK cluster building. 

This year we launched our concert & music discovery app in public beta. 


You can contact us at  feargal (at)

Tel : +31 641 437 699